Monday, July 18, 2011

grouchy mcgroucherson.

This is grouchy the smurf.
This is what I feel like on this Monday morning.

grouchy the smurf
I am hoping to be back this afternoon with a worth while post. 
So hang on tight, I know you all are anxiously awaiting the arrival of another fun-tastic post.

I hope you all are having a better Monday than me.
Three cheers for eliminating Mondays.

anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Goals.

So, I am thinking if I actually write down and document things i want to get done, maybe I will do them. 
I am going to start monthly goals, to keep track of things I want to do and see how I do at the beginning of the next month.

July Goals
  • Make the bed daily
  • Finish bookcase wallpaper
  • Cook dinner at least 3 times a week
  • Work out once a week
  • Keep up on Laundry
  • Read at least one book
  • Clean out the sink each night before bed. 

So this is where I will start lets see how I do. 

master bathroom part one: DEMO

Okay, here we go, it has officially started....the DEMO stage. I think a few times during this time I mentioned to my husband "there is no turning back now".

So the following are some before shots and demo shots to get you up to speed on what is going down. Get ready for the beauty that this bathroom beholds.

This is the beauty before. Note the wonderful wall paper, and the photo doesn't do the tub & shower color any justice. It is a lovely almondy color. Looking back I am not even sure how we lived with it like this for 3 years.

This is the door that separated the vanity from the tub & toliet area. It made it feel like a very cramped space. So how about some demo shots. Now let me explain to you how much Mr. F loved this part. It was a task in itself but I think the frustration that was released upon tearing and ripping things apart was good for him. I wish i got a photo, but that tub/shower combo thing was a pain to get out. He basically karate chopped it and started busting it apart to get it out of that room.

This is obviously after everything is out of the room.
I am getting better at documenting, sorry.
Tub & Shower = GONE
Toilet = GONE
Yuckie peeling vinyl floor = GONE
ALL dry wall = GONE
Doorway & Door = GONE

So you ask what we do from here? Well we have a whole other section to tackle too.. Notice in the photo above you can still see the vanity, well that will come soon. Next on the list though is installing the new shower pan. We opted to get rid of the tub (main reason we have the babiest water heater ever and can not even fill a tub before it gets cold) So for the master bath we decided to go with just a shower, and yes people don't worry we do have another bathroom with a tub that we are keeping. Now we are doing most of this work ourselves. I say "we" like i really have anything to do with this. Let's rephrase that...MY hubby and father are doing most of this work themselves. ahhh much better. I think we felt that cutting and re-working some plumbing for the shower was more than we could handle, so we decided for the tub installation we should go ahead and hire a plumber. We did not want to take the chance of something going wrong and pissing off the neighbors more than we already do.

So in comes a plumber, while we were working one Wednesday he did his thing. And we came home to this......

lilly checking out the new shower
Ahhhhh the beauty of this shower pan, i swear it brought tears to my eyes. 
I think the thing that did it the most for me was that it was white, a pure white. Stupid Almond.

From here we still have more demo to do. We have the adjoining wall to take out, the vanity, carpet and some more drywall.

That vanity, that counter top, the medicine cabinet the boxed light fixture all made me want to vomit! I was more than happy to see them trashed.

Now as I said before "there is no turning back"
It amazes me that once that dividing wall was out how much larger the room felt. There aren't any fixtures back in yet, but it just opened up the room, and it is starting to feel like an actual bathroom. Up next we added drywall, cement board around the shower, and our new doorway!


Ill have more soon, I think I overwhelmed this post enough. What do you think? Anyone else tackling a project like this on their own? Is is taking longer than you thought?


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