Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Recap.

1. I created a station on Pandora based off Will Smith - Miami. LOVE IT!!! I am flipping my lid over the awesome songs that get played on this station.

2. It may have caused a single dance party in the kitchen the other night while unloading dishwasher. And then continued while my husband made dinner.

3. Along with that station, my brother introduced me to MC Chris. Check out his pandora station also. Pretty cool mix of everything. Pirate songs and all.

4. It makes me happy to see how much my husband is cooking. I think he is better at it then he thinks he is, and it is nice to come home from work to a meal. I am going to state this now.....

Dearest Husband,
 If you continue to cook me dinner I wont grip about doing the dishes and cleaning up the house. deal?
xoxo, your loving and happy wife

5. This is what the dog decided to do while I was folding laundry the other night. Gee thanks Lilly. Usually she runs through the piles I think for just pure entertainment to knock them down. So thank you for being sleepy.

6. I may have a small obsession with tomatoes. I bring a whole tomato to work and eat it for lunch. Is this a problem? Are too many tomatoes bad for you? Is it weird to LOVE tomatoes at the same time your best friend HATES them. Like she wanted to vomit when I sent her this photo.

7. This shirt I am wearing today is a lovely shade of mint. I am craving mint chocolate chip ice cream now.

8. I threw a bag of peanut M&M's on the counter at the last minute the other night while checking out at the convenience store. I may have gotten a "are you kidding me" kind of look from my husband. I put them in my purse to take to work and eat as an afternoon snack. Let me tell you, that bag didn't even make in 2 minutes in my car at 8:15am. I ripped it open and I was not even out of my neighborhood. I ate about 5. Then I said " NO! Stephanie stop it." So I closed them up and put them away. I then got them back out at about 4:30pm for a little snack, thinking I would eat a few to hold me over until 6pm. Then the bag had 3 left in it, how could I only leave 3. So I finished the bag. I felt horrible about myself afterwards. Maybe that is why my face is hating me this week. Darn you chocolate covered peanutty goodness.

9. Oh, hey purple friday. Go Ravens!

Friday, August 10, 2012


This is 2 weeks worth, whoops. Not like there is much more going on, but I got side tracked last week.

1. My husband and I were browsing the isles of Toys R Us one night. Cause that is normal for two 27 year olds to do with no children, Right? I couldn't look at superhero/batman items for any longer so I started wondering. I trolled down the barbie isle, maybe for old times sake. Trip down memory lane? Anyways, Barbie has a Career Line, you know like Dog Groomer, Doctor, Teacher, Movie Star oh and lets not forget my favorite, Barbie can now be a Pancake Chef. Why didn't anyone ever tell me I could do this when I grew up. Bummer, I think I missed my calling. 
2. After I think a year of annoyance I finally got my husband to go to a kabob place. I may have told him if he eats lunch there with me then we can go wherever he wants afterwards. Bribery works every time I tell you. As reluctant as he was we went, and he enjoyed. Not to go every week, but I think i got a solid "yeah we can go again" from him. I think the thing he hated the most was being the only people in the restaurant, but we did go at 4 in the afternoon.

3. I will never understand how for the life of my I can not wake up at 7am to go to work. But I have no problem being wide awake at 6:30am on a weekend. Mind you this is when I have nothing to do and I can sleep in. But noooooooo there is something jacked up with me that my body seems to laugh and say hell no when i have a day I can actually sleep to double digits.It is an odd concept to me.

4. For dessert one night my husband suggested we go get starbucks. He thought we could get small frappuccino I bet. I thought different, I did not care that it was 9:30pm and I was about to order a Venti Iced Vanilla Latte with extra espresso. I knew I would sleep fine. Well my husband doesn't really know what anything at starbucks is because he does not go. So when I saw he was having trouble ordering his tall Java Chip Frap I ordered for him..... "he would like a venti java chip frappuccino, yes with whip. thanks." I laughed because I knew he would never go to sleep. Love you honey.

4. Oh and how come everytime I think of a frappuccino or see one all I can think about is ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO. Commense Gasoline fight and jitter bug.. oh man..

5. This post has a lot about my husband. The thing with him, he has a DVD obsession. Like they are taking over our house, no where to put them, making me crazy. Then he went and bought all the Harry Potters. Mind you neither of us have seen any of them and we had no desire to. When we went to Islands of Adventure with our friends and they died over going to the Harry Potter Section and we dragged our feet to ride the ride. So now I have all of the movies, we decided to start watching them and I.AM.IN.LOVE. I now understand all the hype and excitement. I can not contain myself. Here is my formal apology I am sorry to my friends for not knowing and understanding how awesome Harry really was at the time. I am now a full fledged fan and I know what everyone is talking about. And now I want NEED to have this shirt oh and go back to Harry Potter World. End of story.

6. When I go to the gym I sometimes listen to 90's Pop Radio on Pandora. Sometimes I get awesome songs, you know throw back X-tina, BSB, Nsync, some Britney. Then sometimes I get things like R. Kelly - Ignition..... and then it got stuck in my head. bounce bounce bounce bounce. ugh. come on. So baby gimme that toot toot, Lemme give you that beep beep. Thumbs Down.

7. Is there anyone else out there that did not watch the Olympics at all. I watched Nothing, Nada, Zilch. I caught a glimpse of cycling one evening because it was on the t.v. at the gym. I do not understand that sport. Taunt your opponent by going very slow, and then on the last lap haul ass to win. WHAT? It seems like a sport where I would punch and kick to knock the opponent off his or her bike. My husband says he would say eff you to the other guy and haul ass the whole time. WINNER.

8. Lets play a game called this then that.
Because THIS happened.....

THAT happened :)

9. Ravens Pre-Season Started. Our dog loves football. Seriously.

10. Oh, when we went to Hershey Park we stayed the night. Decent hotel, clean, nice room. Until we got woken up at 7:30am because the father in the room next to us was scolding his children for 2 hours. If you don't act better we are not going to the park. Do you want to do that? That was not nice. Say sorry. Blah Blah Blah this went on for 30 minutes at least. Then he did something dad didn't like and we heard a smack. And then a cry. Then mom came in the picture (I assume she was in the shower up until now) and dad now went away. Mom was quieter, and the boys were good, we only heard mom and few times. Then dad came back, I swear as soon as dad came it started up again. Do you know how much we spent on this vacation, and now you are ruining it. We wont go. Say your sorry. I think by this point I am just laughing, one for how long it has gone on and two just because I was cranky for getting woken up that early by yelling. Does he not realize he shares a wall with someone else and that we can hear him? I was actually hoping to run into them at checkout or something. I want to know who he was. Such a complainer and cry baby that dad was.


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