Tuesday, September 18, 2012

oh you know, just some things.

I like lists, I really do, and I make them for everything and anything.

1. I literally just tried to leave someone a note in cursive and it took me so much longer to write it out. How sad is that? And I paused a few times because I forgot how that letter looked in cursive. What has this world come to. Do they teach cursive in school anymore, because I don't think anyone uses it. Oh and on top of my forgetting how to write, it looked horrible. I thought it would look pretty to leave a note in cursive, total handwriting FAIL. I re-wrote it I was so disgusted with how it looked.

2. I borrowed an audiobook from the library last week. Lets talk about one I got a library card. I haven't stepped foot in a library since high school maybe, scratch that I went to the library in college. I kind of like someone reading a book to me. Beats me having to lick my fingers to turn the page, and it makes my hour drive to work a little more enjoyable. And I am not ashamed that I crack up laughing alone in the car and people can see me and think I am crazy. oh the first book I got was Bossypants by Tina Fey, better yet also read by Tina Fey.

3. While in Target my husband browses the Lego isle, pondering what he can buy and build in five minutes. After that he yearns for more, like a crack addiction. I browse the isles to find things I can play with to pass the time, or things I can try on a take a photo of myself. Evidence below.

4. Did you read my 30 before 30 list? I am pumped to achieve everything on that list. I even got my husband to make one. He even printed both of them out and laminated them. And if something is laminated then that means it is legit in my book. Like a name badge or a library card.

5. Everyday. 32 Things that will ruin your morning routine. Especially #1 and #21.

6. oh my goodness, so true and always so funny. This is really the shit we say, or at least I say all the time.

7. My husband said while I was in my slumber mode last night, I started talking to him. He said I was upset cause we have no more tomatoes to eat. He said I was pretty upset about this. Something is wrong with me. I love hearing stories like this though. I thought it was hilarious when he told me this morning.

8. I had this project I have been working on at home for about ohhhh a year and a half. I have been lining the back of our bookshelves with wall paper. Really it is a simple task, I am just super lazy. Well, I finished like 2 weeks ago. I WAS SO PROUD. Like I ran into the "man cave" and immediately asked for a high five from my husband.

9. Also on the project home front, I have actually started a little something and I am just about done. I am actually pretty happy with myself for the timely manner I am completing this in. I have taken inspiration a la Jenna Sue and thought those would look nice in my dining room. Almost complete, and I will share when I am done.

10. Did anyone else see this guys dance last night during the Broncos vs. Falcons Football game? Please watch this and try not to laugh at his celebration dance after Von Miller(Broncos) sacks Matt Ryan the quarterback from the Falcons. My husband and I rewinded (rewound?) the DVR multiple times and died laughing, and then started to imitate the dance.

11. Even though the Broncos lost last night, I am very happy because I needed some points from Willis McGahee to win my fantasy game, and he pulled through in a great way. He must have heard my facebook plea. I may have done a happy dance and chanted "i win, i win, i win, i win, hey i win!" obnoxious I know.

Friday, September 7, 2012

30 before 30.

I am turning 28 in about a month, so it got me thinking of things I have yet to do in my life. I have about 2 years until I am not in my twenties anymore. So I thought I would compile myself a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. My goal is to have this list accomplished or on it's way to being accomplished by October 11, 2014. Wish me luck, here goes nothing. 

1. Travel to Hawaii or a European Country.
2. Go camping in a tent, build a fire, make smores, go hiking the whole works.
3. Join the Rams Head World Beer Club & complete it.
4. Have a Spa Day with a friend. Massages, pedicure, manicures, facials.
5. Try atleast 50 new restaurants.
6. Send out cards for every occasion. i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, just because, etc.
7. Play Paintball
8. Fire a gun.
9. Have a garden. Either vegetable or herbs.
10. Travel to more states.
11. Go Kayaking.
12. Learn how to save more and spend less.
13. Take a cooking class as a couple.
14. See a show in New York City.
15. Go to Las Vegas.
16. Get Laser Eye Surgery.
17. Meet someone famous.
18. Attend an away Ravens or Orioles Game.
19. Learn to bake or cook well.
20. Learn Photoshop.
21. Ride a segway.
22. Try a Bikram Yoga class for a month.
23. Establish a name for myself in my career.
24. Buy a Big Girl Bag.
25. Go to Disneyland.
26. Begin the search for a new home.
27. Actually read all the books I have bought over time.
28. Try dying my hair brown again.
29. Think about adding a bambino to our family.
30. Go Sailing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I just got back from a nice 10 day vacation. It was lovely being off that long, didn't want to have to come back to work today. We spent a week in the outer banks with family. Here is my vacation recap, it is a little picture heavy.

1. The husband and I started the vacation a day early on Saturday because we wanted to stop at Busch Gardens. I think we just have back luck because it rained all morning. Our whole 3 hour drive toward the park was gloomy and on and off downpour. So lets play another game of this...then that.

2. Let me just say that I always laughed at Bass Pro Shop. I now want camo everything. Just kidding. No really I do. This place was a monster, and it had its own restaurant. I got a pretty sweet Bass coozie. And then of course made my husband stop at the beef jerky outlet on the way back to the main road. It was a WIN in my book.

 3. So on our way to the hotel now it stared to look clear, then it would rain then clear again. We had already decided to call Busch Gardens a bust. Then at the last second I could see the complete sadness on my husbands face I said "GO TAKE THE EXIT, LETS GO TO THE PARK! SCREW THE RAIN." He smiled so big, like a kid in a candy store and it did not rain on us all night.

4. Anyone else always have to stick their heads in the cut-out photo ops? Just me? nah, i didn't think so.

5. I made a pact with my husband before this vacation. We shook on it so it had to be serious right? No fighting on this vacation. Enjoy ourselves and do not fight with each other. Seems silly, but we all know everyone has little tizzies every now and then and it ruins a day sometimes. Well let me tell you, I had a nice vacation. Hopefully my husband did also.

6. I think I am probably really late on the bandwagon, but seriously I.CANT.HANDLE.THIS.WEBSITE. I can not get enough of this.

7. I came home from vacation to a leaking Air Conditioning. Leaking water stresses me out, water causes damage. After freaking out about it on the phone to my dad, all while my husband was vacuuming up a puddle and then collecting it in a bucket until it got fixed; I left it alone and baked some cookies. Makes me feel better and worry free.

8. I had the bright idea of starting a fantasy football league this year. My husband is already in one and they have fun, and i like football and I felt left out. So I started one. I only could get 5 people to join. Fantasy league FAIL. oh well, I either see it as I am going to dominate because I know nothing about other players other than the Ravens or I am going to completely fail because I know nothing about other players other than the Ravens. either way I'm pretty excited. I actually wish I could draft coaches.

9. I found this awesome restaurant in the outer banks. If you are there and haven't been, go. It is called Brine & Bottle. It is on the outside edge of Nags Head. Small, cute, and super yummy place. First, everything is made or served out of mason jars. Lighting, Candles, Water, Mixed Drinks, even Beer. Food was also fantastic. We started with deviled eggs, I am a big fan of these as an appetizer. Not just a picnic food anymore people. Along with that I needed had to get the bacon jam. WHAT? for real bacon jam. It was delicious. Then for dinner I got Shrimp & Grits and my husband got Scallops with melon salsa. People, listen to me.. if you go to nags head please go here.

10. Want more vacation tomorrow? Who cares, you are going to get it.

Does it take anyone else a day or so to get back into the working groove? Being back today, I am catching up on emails and re-organizing. But I am feeling no real productivity coming out of me today.


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