Thursday, December 20, 2012

oh, christmas tree.

I wasted no time this year getting my Christmas tree and decorations up. I was very antsy and excited to get my condo decorated. Not that I have much to decorate. This year my nephews were over after I got the tree up and wanted to help me out. I figured my ornaments are shatter proof anyways so I let them help me decorate the tree. In the past I have had a nice blue and silver themed tree. This year I decided to go a little more bright. 

So basically I had a steady stream of toddler hands handing me ornaments. Whether or not I was actually ready to put another one up. It was so nice to see how excited this got them, and how well they helped. They were so proud of their finished product.

They were just to darn cute, I think they helped out nicely. 

Oh and for good measure, Lilly wanted in on the action also. oh and yes, my tree skirt is a blanket. Cheap Stephanie for the win.

This year I have the addition of a smaller table top tree also. For years as a child my grandmother always got my a holiday barbie. I displayed them nicely on a shelf in my room and was so proud of them, never to touch them. When I got too old to keep getting these Holiday Barbies she moved on to the ornaments. It is actually a very nice tradition, for years I acquired these ornaments and I had no where to put them. This year I decided to get a smaller tree and dub it my "barbie tree". My Nana will be so proud. 

I love Christmas time, the family, the togetherness, the spirit. It warms my heart to have these trees lit up when I get home. Is it wrong to keep a tree up all year?

Do you have a second tree? Maybe for those homemade ornaments, more sentimental ornaments?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Vacationing Part Deux.

I realized I never overloaded your senses with more vacation goodness that you don't care about. So sorry about that. Here you go my dear friends and people who care.

Every year my very generous father-in-law gets a house for all of us to share for vacation. It is nice to spend a week with family, and it lets me spend a week with my nephews also. I mean just look at these faces. I love being able to spend more time with them.

The rest of the week looked a little something like this. Some beach and more beach goodness. 

And looking at this handsome mug. 

There was also some putt-putt goodness. And some me kicking my husbands butt. 

Can you see that score, my dad would be so proud. 

We also visited the Wright Brothers Memorial. Genius... well duh, yeah we are.

View from the bottom. Long way up.

View from the top, took forever to walk up that hill. 

And ofcourse we visited to Aquarium. Not a lot to take photos of though.

I died over this doughnut. Maple glaze with walnuts. yum.!

And because I make my husband stand and take photos in front of objects and statues. 100% fake smile. 

He loves his aunt Sessy.

And because no trip is complete without Chips and dip and Mojitos.

And lets end the trip with this view. 

Until next year.

Monday, December 3, 2012

a little about me.

It seems this blog has turned into a bunch of lists. Fine by me. Fine by you?
So, who wants to know some fun facts about Stephanie?

1. I can not sing if my life depended on it. I have been told I sound like William Shatner when I do sing. Basically I speak the words I am supposed to be singing.

2. My middle name is Louise. I like it, my husband thinks it is funny and likes to call me Weezie.

3. If my husband would let me I would paint everything white.

4. I have a small sick obsession with pugs. I thought they were weird ugly dogs before I got one, and now I LOVE their faces.

5. I hate decorating for holidays. The only one I decorate for is Christmas and I.LOVE.IT. Any other holiday I hate the decorations and decorating for. I am also not a huge fan of dressing up for Halloween.

6. With that being said my favorite holiday though is Thanksgiving. Christmas is a close second, but Thanksgiving is my all time favorite. I love the food and the family togetherness. But mostly because I insist on wearing this shirt every.single.year.

7. I am a big family person, I love my family. I would see them everyday if I could.

8. I am not a big fan of surprises. I need to know what is going on at all times. I observe to the max and try and figure out what is going on.

9. I am not a cuddler, I love my space.

10. I don't really like cake that much. But I do like chocolate. I would love a snickers bar with a candle in it over a birthday cake any time.

11. I don't mind sorting and doing laundry, I just hate folding. It usually sits in the dryer for days and i re-dry about 10 times to get the wrinkles out before I finally fold it. Even then I may just take the pile and shove it in a corner of my bedroom.

12. I don't mind cleaning, I really don't. I just like if someone tells me how nice the house looks or smells when I am done. If i had that encouragement and praise every time I cleaned something, I may do it more often. Sad but true.

13. Baking makes me very nervous. To me it seems like an art, something that need perfecting. And I am not that great with time. I feel like baking is a big downfall of mine.

14. I am sarcastic by nature. I try to have witty comebacks to whatever you say to me. I am not afraid to be that friend that actually tells you the truth. My friends know this and hopefully this is why they love me? This makes me sound mean, I promise I am funny, or at least I think I am funny.

15. I have a few close friends and I like it that way.

16. All throughout middle school I had the nickname Step-on-me. I'm not sure how I felt about that.

17. I am a compulsive grocery shopper, meaning I usually go when I am hungry and I always seem to come home with a new cookie, cracker, snack, or Ice cream. As much as I love lists, and I make them, I can not stick to them.

18.  I have a problem finishing things I start. Most projects will sit for months before I finish that last leg to get it complete.

So that is a little about me, tell me a little about yourself.


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