Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Recap

It's pretty difficult coming up with things to post about. I guess especially when I don't have much going on. This past week has dragged on, nothing exciting happened but it took forever for the weekend to roll around.

1. I actually went to the gym twice this week. I am on a roll I tell you. Not that there are any results, but it makes me feel good about myself that I went.

2. One of my best friends got married a little over a month ago, I was truely honored to be the matron of honor. She got her photos back, they look great. As we scroll through this one comes up. I honestly wonder what is wrong with me sometimes. And on top of that, I do not remember doing this.

 3. I had my first experience with frozen yogurt. I have been bugging my husband forever to jump on the band wagon, and he finally gave in. I will I got captain crunch and strawberries. I held myself back from putting every single topping in that bowl, realizing you pay by weight.

4. I forgot how awesome The Offspring are. They are headlining a concert we are going to in September and I started to refresh myself with their music. All time favorite still will be pretty fly for a white guy. It is a very annoying song, but I love it. My husband shakes his head at me for even saying that.

5. Garbage will also be at this concert, love me some Shirley Manson. Realized I actually know more songs of hers than I thought. I was pretty proud to say the least.

6. We went to take the dog on a walk last night before it started raining ( I heard thunder and thought lets go now before the storm comes). Got shoes on, got the dog her harness and leash, got keys and poop bag. We walk out the condo, down the stairs and open the front door to find out it is pouring. WALK FAIL.We hung our heads in shame and walked back inside. At that same time I told my husband we live in a condo that is like an Oreo. He did not understand what i was saying. We are the cream center, smashed between two cookies. We are stuck in the middle, someone above and someone below and we have no clue what is going on in the outside world. We honestly never know what is going on outside our walls unless we walk outside. He thought it was stupid I thought it worked, I think he said the center is the best part. 

7. In regards to the last number, I think to keep the dogs mind off of the potty fake out, my husband did this. (This is the tail-end of the video which was hilarious, but no the less it worked and she held off potty time for an hour or so). Score one for us.

8. I got nothing else. Have a great weekend and I will try and make next week a little more lively. I will leave you with this cute face.

Friday, July 13, 2012

oh hello.

It is about a year since I posted. Lets try this again. Maybe I will succeed.

I am gonna start you with a lovely end of the week recap, a few thoughts from yours truly.

1. This week has dragged on, I did not want to leave the beach and I did not want to leave my parents house. It was so nice to have 4 days of relaxation and fun.

2. I am not usually a fourth of July person, but I had a blast this year. Saw some awesome fireworks, ate some great food, and had quality family time. can. not. beat. that.

 3. Wednesday was a long day, I may have drank 3/4 of a bottle of wine by myself. It was nice and much needed.

4. took advantage of a free slurpee that same evening. Wild Cherry Pina Coloda Mix. heck yes!

5. Actually went to the gym twice in one week. Now that is what i call determination. Oh and how does a gym not have A/C, cause I swear my hole in the wall strip center gym never has it on and they are determined to make you sweat more than normal. And they like to taunt you by having portable units but not turn them on. Oh but they do run the ceiling fans, yeah lets blow hot air at the sweaty worker-outers( i made that term up and i am sticking with it).

6. I am in a mood today where I want to GET.THINGS.DONE. except not at work, I want to go home and do things. I am feeling motivated. Come on 6pm. oh and with that said, things definitely do need to get done, I have friends coming over this evening and my house looks like it is from an episode of hoarders. I have been the poster child of laziness this week. Example it has taken me five full days to wash the load of towels. As in i put them in the washer on Sunday evening and have had to keep washing them evening after evening after evening. I actually put them in the dryer last night. It was an accomplishment to say the least.

7. Today is Friday the 13th. I like today. I got married on a Friday the 13th. Things turned out great.

Lets keep posting regularly this time.
Stephanie OUT!


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