Thursday, December 20, 2012

oh, christmas tree.

I wasted no time this year getting my Christmas tree and decorations up. I was very antsy and excited to get my condo decorated. Not that I have much to decorate. This year my nephews were over after I got the tree up and wanted to help me out. I figured my ornaments are shatter proof anyways so I let them help me decorate the tree. In the past I have had a nice blue and silver themed tree. This year I decided to go a little more bright. 

So basically I had a steady stream of toddler hands handing me ornaments. Whether or not I was actually ready to put another one up. It was so nice to see how excited this got them, and how well they helped. They were so proud of their finished product.

They were just to darn cute, I think they helped out nicely. 

Oh and for good measure, Lilly wanted in on the action also. oh and yes, my tree skirt is a blanket. Cheap Stephanie for the win.

This year I have the addition of a smaller table top tree also. For years as a child my grandmother always got my a holiday barbie. I displayed them nicely on a shelf in my room and was so proud of them, never to touch them. When I got too old to keep getting these Holiday Barbies she moved on to the ornaments. It is actually a very nice tradition, for years I acquired these ornaments and I had no where to put them. This year I decided to get a smaller tree and dub it my "barbie tree". My Nana will be so proud. 

I love Christmas time, the family, the togetherness, the spirit. It warms my heart to have these trees lit up when I get home. Is it wrong to keep a tree up all year?

Do you have a second tree? Maybe for those homemade ornaments, more sentimental ornaments?

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