Monday, December 10, 2012

Vacationing Part Deux.

I realized I never overloaded your senses with more vacation goodness that you don't care about. So sorry about that. Here you go my dear friends and people who care.

Every year my very generous father-in-law gets a house for all of us to share for vacation. It is nice to spend a week with family, and it lets me spend a week with my nephews also. I mean just look at these faces. I love being able to spend more time with them.

The rest of the week looked a little something like this. Some beach and more beach goodness. 

And looking at this handsome mug. 

There was also some putt-putt goodness. And some me kicking my husbands butt. 

Can you see that score, my dad would be so proud. 

We also visited the Wright Brothers Memorial. Genius... well duh, yeah we are.

View from the bottom. Long way up.

View from the top, took forever to walk up that hill. 

And ofcourse we visited to Aquarium. Not a lot to take photos of though.

I died over this doughnut. Maple glaze with walnuts. yum.!

And because I make my husband stand and take photos in front of objects and statues. 100% fake smile. 

He loves his aunt Sessy.

And because no trip is complete without Chips and dip and Mojitos.

And lets end the trip with this view. 

Until next year.

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