Monday, December 3, 2012

a little about me.

It seems this blog has turned into a bunch of lists. Fine by me. Fine by you?
So, who wants to know some fun facts about Stephanie?

1. I can not sing if my life depended on it. I have been told I sound like William Shatner when I do sing. Basically I speak the words I am supposed to be singing.

2. My middle name is Louise. I like it, my husband thinks it is funny and likes to call me Weezie.

3. If my husband would let me I would paint everything white.

4. I have a small sick obsession with pugs. I thought they were weird ugly dogs before I got one, and now I LOVE their faces.

5. I hate decorating for holidays. The only one I decorate for is Christmas and I.LOVE.IT. Any other holiday I hate the decorations and decorating for. I am also not a huge fan of dressing up for Halloween.

6. With that being said my favorite holiday though is Thanksgiving. Christmas is a close second, but Thanksgiving is my all time favorite. I love the food and the family togetherness. But mostly because I insist on wearing this shirt every.single.year.

7. I am a big family person, I love my family. I would see them everyday if I could.

8. I am not a big fan of surprises. I need to know what is going on at all times. I observe to the max and try and figure out what is going on.

9. I am not a cuddler, I love my space.

10. I don't really like cake that much. But I do like chocolate. I would love a snickers bar with a candle in it over a birthday cake any time.

11. I don't mind sorting and doing laundry, I just hate folding. It usually sits in the dryer for days and i re-dry about 10 times to get the wrinkles out before I finally fold it. Even then I may just take the pile and shove it in a corner of my bedroom.

12. I don't mind cleaning, I really don't. I just like if someone tells me how nice the house looks or smells when I am done. If i had that encouragement and praise every time I cleaned something, I may do it more often. Sad but true.

13. Baking makes me very nervous. To me it seems like an art, something that need perfecting. And I am not that great with time. I feel like baking is a big downfall of mine.

14. I am sarcastic by nature. I try to have witty comebacks to whatever you say to me. I am not afraid to be that friend that actually tells you the truth. My friends know this and hopefully this is why they love me? This makes me sound mean, I promise I am funny, or at least I think I am funny.

15. I have a few close friends and I like it that way.

16. All throughout middle school I had the nickname Step-on-me. I'm not sure how I felt about that.

17. I am a compulsive grocery shopper, meaning I usually go when I am hungry and I always seem to come home with a new cookie, cracker, snack, or Ice cream. As much as I love lists, and I make them, I can not stick to them.

18.  I have a problem finishing things I start. Most projects will sit for months before I finish that last leg to get it complete.

So that is a little about me, tell me a little about yourself.


  1. I "love" lists. That's sarcasm.

    I love dressing up for Halloween. Hell, anything for that matter.

    My favorite movie for many years was Milo and Otis. With a pug. No excuse why you havent seen that yet.

    - Chris

  2. Honestly I have not seen Milo and Otis. I am ashamed of myself.

    I think you are lucky I dressed up for your BBQ. It took a lot for me to wear a plaid button up and a large belt buckle.



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